Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Smile ;)

For some reasons, I almost smile every single minute,
if possible, every single second.

So when do think you want to smile to either yourself or to others?
-when you feel happy?
-when you feel sad?
-when you feel lonely?
-when you feel scared?
-when you feel shy?
-when you feel bored?
-when you feel stressful?
-when you feel down?
-when you get excited?
-when you want to cover up your real/ true feeling?


marccus said...

wakaka, every minute..
can I ask?

"Are you ok?"

Smile to yourself can ady. your smile is uniquely for your own. Not that to give ppl see one.

Smile is beautiful only when is at the most natural. =)


Mun2 said...

No no, sometime, you need to smile to others too. Cause when you see others are happy, automatically you will feel happy.

But most of the time I smile to myself only la...& I 100% very sure I'm ok!

marccus said...

oo, ya also, we feel happy when see ppl smile.

again, "are you sure you ok ar? "
wakaka XD

Mun2 said...

Of course i'm ok la. Yang tak ok tu u la...

Marccus said...

really sure ar?