Friday, December 19, 2008

laugh = happy?

Is there any direct or indirect relationship between smile @ laugh = happy @ enjoy?
Why do people conclude that laugh=happy or smile=enjoy? Is there any proof for that?
Even though I smile all day long, it doesn't really mean I enjoy my boring & dull work.

Laughter reminds me, there is still HOPE in our life....=p


cklim said...

good..think positively

marccus said...

when u smile or laugh, ur face muscle contract and relax. it let the blood vessel to exchange new blood faster. your skin cell will happy coz got new oxygen, water, nutrients. the scene is like a whole bunch of aunty go for a 90% super new-arrival sales in a LV bag shop.

So, when ur cell happy, u oso become happy. keke.

u dun like ur job just bcoz ur hand and leg dun like it. Exercise ur hand and leg more lar, wakaka..

永遇乐 said...

Now Dr. Lim is giving you a scientific explanation. Appreciate it ba! wakaka~

cklim said...

tian chad, "cham" la, give wrong citation, Dr. Marccus Low la..

Mun2 said...

lol...ya rite... as long as i make those cells happy, no matter how, i will be happy