Sunday, December 14, 2008

1st round of old newspaper collection

Yesterday, I had my 1st round of old newspaper collection with Jess. We started the collection at 1.30pm, the vanue is one of the condo located in wangsa maju.

Here we go, we push the trolley from door to door, & said " We are from Raleigh International KL, we are doing fundraising for Sabah Expedition, do you have any old newspaper for donation?".

At first, I felt a bit "kekok" when I asked for the newspaper.But after awhile, I start to enjoy it, it is actually really fun! I can observe how people react, how I myself react.

Here are the conclusions:
1. Usually students are much generous as compared to working people.
2. Usually males are much more helpful, they will even help us to take the newspaper all the way from their house to the lift. Maybe for them, this is the best time they show their masculine to female. lol
3. Some of the residents have kinda low consciousness. I.e. In the process of transferring the newspaper, they even left me alone to go into their house to collect the newspaper. Maybe I really look very sincere and innocent for them. =p
4. Some even half way bathing also came out and open the door. The girl just came out with a towel, and she looks real SEXY!!

Its a tiring yet fun newspaper collection. Alots to see and alots we get!!


marccus said...

Hoiyoyo.. I should have come with u one.. X.X

Mun2 said...

Ya rite, last time i asked u to help me out but say u r not free. See now u miss the chance to "see" already!. lol