Monday, December 29, 2008


When there is something that you really wanted so much,
where the craving is from deep down inside your heart,
what is the most extreme way you can express it to others?
It's what I been long for, I really don't have a clear answer for that,
I have been thinking nights for the answer, and I am still searching for that.

I have a long chat with you, the answer is reviewed!
You really did a good sharing with me!
Even though what I can understand, it might not be exactly what you are trying to tell me.

You awaken me!
Maybe you are right.
When it comes to our passions, shouldn't be a single "cin cai" arise in it.
Only if we believe in what we are doing, then we have the convincing power.


cklim said...

yup..right, works for passion

Mun2 said...

same to you!