Monday, December 29, 2008

Me and my 30 minnutes at Skytrex

The ultimate physical & mental challenge!


It is possible for me to finish a 2 HOURS high rope challenges in just 30 MINUTES??

Date: 4 January, 2009

Time: 8 to 9 am

Venue: Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam

Description of my project:

WHAT is this event?
-I am hopping, climbing, swinging, zipping from station to station. And all the challenges are as high as 17 METERS off the ground! Can you imagine that?!!

-The most exciting part is to overcome acrophobia (fear of heights) in 30 minutes!

WHY am I Doing This Event?

-It is a good chance to test out my own limit, both of my physical and mental.

-While fund-raising for my Sabah Expedition, I am also doing something that I am interested in.

HOW to support me and the Sabah community?
-If I can do it in 30 minutes, support me RM20;
-If 20 minutes, support me RM 25;
-If 10 minutes, support me RM 30;
-But you are most welcome if you wish to contribute more!=p

I do not complete the task in 30 minutes, I, Chan Mun Mun, will volunteer my service (cleaning service) to Zoo Negara every 3 months up to a year, upon return from my expedition.


I believe that in this expedition, I will have a chance to develop into a more socially responsible person and discover the skills of a lifetime that will enable me to give more back to the society and environment in the future.


Your contribution can be attention to me through CASH


RHB 21413800026536

After Bank in, please keep the bank in slip and email me the bank in slip as well.

Thank you very much

mun mun


People that promised to contribute @ contributed in this event!
1. Jiunn Huei 2. SD Liew 3. Kelvin Ho
4. Lee San 5. Edmund Loke 6. Felix Chan
7. May & Kwang 8. Pick San 9. CK
10. Kah Shin 12. Cute little marccus (as he wish)
13. Hata Koh 14. Kay Hwa 15. Chun Wei 16. Uma 17. Zue
18. Richard Teh 19. Xing Heng 20. Emey Hoong
21. Li Ern 22. Ming Teng 23. Tian Chad 24. Ange Tan
25. Munira 26. Simon 27. Looi 28. Yeng Yeng
29. Yiemmima 30. Hui San 31. Sulan 32.Lucy Wang
33. Belinda Ang 34. Kubhan 35. Mogana 36. Pooi Mun
37. Shih Chung


永遇乐 said...
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永遇乐 said...

Wah at least RM 20??
I don't want to go liao la...
Cannot play still need to spend money!!


Can I do the challenge and you donate to me??

Mun2 said...

Calm down...
Did I write there u MUST donate for me, if you are going? Of course i will hope you all can donate la. But this is not forcing 1.No worries.=p

You have to understand, I'm doing this fund-raising is not solely for myself. I do this cause I need to go for Sabah to do volunteery & community work as well. & part of my fund will help out the Sabah Community. & of course, you are very welcome to join this kind of activity, cause there are alot things to do when we are young! I found out that Raleigh is a really good youth development program.

Yes, tian chad. You can pay & play as well. If you can do it faster than me, I will donate for u as well. But of course, be fair la. Guys' physical usually are stronger. If i'm faster, you have to donate abit more for me la. hehe

CK said...

hey mun! count me in as well! haha, pls train hard and dun fall down half way, it will be quite embarrassing =p

marccus said...

i believe u can do it one.


u dun laugh out suddenly out of nothing.
wakakaka XD
all the best for it.

Mun2 said...

CK, thank you very much!! I knew you will support me!!=p Cause being such a supportive friend of mine, how can u don't support me rite?lol. No worry, I did my training. Now i can do 5 times push up ady!haha...still increasing the number of times.

Marccus, how come u know i will laugh out of nothing? I guess thats my trademark!:)

marccus said...

hey, this is ur true-self ma, for now lar.

keke, can't hide it one.