Monday, December 15, 2008

It is totally a MESS!!

My life is totally in a mess.
Working! Work overtime! Fundraising!
Everything goes unorganized.
I became too spontaneous, too impulsive!
What am I doing right now?
I have messed up everything! Mess up my life!
This is not what I want!
I think it is time for me to slow down.....
Relax~ Relax~ Relax~


cklim said...

take some rest, then strive again..cheers

marccus said...

dun worry,
you are mun mun ma. haha

Mun2 said...

The problem is "I am reacting not responding to everything!"
React is being too spontaneous.
So i should really slow down. Learn to respond, rather than react.

marccus said...

may be next time when u wan to react that time take a deep breath first. Use ur two ultimate nose hole suck and smell 2 Litres of air around you first. keke. may become better.

Mun2 said...

lol..good idea!! deep breath can calm down our mind..