Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Raleigh Sabah Expedition Spring 2009

Date: 6th February, 2009
Duration: 10 weeks

What attracts me to this expedition this time, I will be able to do things more for others than for myself. On my expedition, I will be involved in community projects to build basic amenities for the locals such as building kindergartens, libraries, gravity water feed systems etc.

I will be also involved in environmental projects in Danum Valley and Imbak Canyon.At Imbak Canyon, Raleigh has built most of the infrastructure, including buildings and trails development. At Danum Valley, Raleigh teams have helped bulid satellite camps for scientists, improved the trail network and built a hanging suspension bridge.

Through this 10-week period, I believe that I will have a chance to develop into a more socially responsible person and discover the skills of a lifetime that will enable me to give more back to the society and environment in the future. I am positive that I will learn the value of appreciation even more, especially with experiencing the living conditions of the underprivileged locals in Sabah.

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Anonymous said...

i know bout this campaign from my aunt just yesterday..
as she told me dat this camp is most all about nature-n related to..n year end programm i decide-in to time-to join this camp.i dont know more bout this camp..hw to rgister to join this camp?..n to part in the year end prgme/