Thursday, December 25, 2008

The "Gan Jiong" disease @ impulsiveness

This morning, again, I do things in a super impulsive way.
I drive like "mad cow", I talk & act like "barbarian"....

Thanks for the impulsiveness, in the end i got some "special" X'mas gifts today.
A few patches of BLUE BLACK, where some of them are real BIG! & It's PAINFUL. T_T

But I really appreciate those "special" gifts alots.
At least, when it's hurt, it reminds me on how impulsive I'm when I'm up there!!


Marccus said...

mun mun the barbary gal..

永遇乐 said...

the experience is nice
Wasn't it? ;p

Mun2 said...

ya, the experience was wonderful, especially the fall down part!lol..