Thursday, November 13, 2008

To my dearest "DARLING"

It's such a nice talk with you, even though you didn't response much.
What i needed the most just now is just someone to be there to listen to me...
& you really play a great role for that...
Thanks ya..


Nicole said...


You are welcome




*NOTE: Obviously im not her "darling"

ツ cW ツ said...

'yuk ma' betul...hahahaha

永遇乐 said...


Marccus said...

wakaka, finally mun mun get a part time bf.

Mun2 said...

i where got "yuk ma"... certain thing we must say it out then only people can understand 1 ma, we can't keep it in the heart as if others know what we think ma, rite or not..
so the easiest way is write it out la..

anyway, i would consider whoever can share my happiness and also sometime my sadness as my "Darling", just that it will depend on the time and the "availability"