Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm sorry...

Its been quite some times I didn't meet up with some of my friends, and i realized working will really make people changed a lots (whether in their character or in the way they live, & think).
Especially when they don't really like their job, then the situation will become even worst. Sooner or later, they might feel very unsatisfied with alots things, or situation, and they will also feel very stressful.

If this situation happened in a person that is always with alots friends to share their "stories", then it will lessen the effect. But when it happens on someone who is always alone, then 怨气 will start to accumulate in them. Once they got this 怨气 , it is very easy to trigger up all the emotion in them.

And you know what, it is so unlucky that I become one of the "trigger" today, and I been "lectured". T_T..

Okay, I admitted that is totally my fault, my english is not that good, that's why my way in expressing or showing direction is not so precise. But you have to understand, I'm also one of them that joining this "游花园” trip, and since I have never been to the "desire dining" place before, you can't expect me to be very familiar with all the direction ma.

At last, i wana admit that i'm really not a good organizer and not a good decision maker. So sorry that wasted all your time there....


marccus said...

Then u must have more time to let ur self express out ma. Either by mouth (talk, laugh, yawn, eat, pili pala pili pala..) or by motion (walk, run, crawl, hike, swim, into the forest..) to discharge urself from negative force.

and next time if u come puchong, ask me or tian jie first lar, if suddenly arrive we also will like ants running around (kelam kabut) de..

then hope ur cough recover soon also.

Mun2 said...

Now i'm expressing those "negative force" thru words lah..

Actually no point to blame others when it already happened. It's also my fault, i really didn't try my best to organize that gathering well.. So i should really apologize for that.

When it comes to a point that you have to be the 出气桶, there is no way to run away from it. Just enjoy it, babe! And luckily still got tian chad stand by my side. But no matter how I explain, it doesn't help out any in that situation. Maybe 解释等于掩饰, 掩饰等于没有出色!

And you know what,when I received your call, i really feel you are like a "super hero" that can save me from that disaster. Cause at last God gimmi a way to "express" my 怨气. But in the end, i dare not complain it to you. cause I scared if i do that, it will make the situation even

But no doubt, last night was really 1 of the best gathering that I have never had.

Marccus said...

keke, when will u have outing again?

then must plan at least 5 hours before that ma. haha.
why scare me maciam scare gozilla -_-|||

Hata said...

i like this "解释等于掩饰, 掩饰等于没有出色!"

Mun2 said...

marccus, i where got "scared you maciam scared gozilla" wo..u so nice, show me the way to the dinning place le. The "gozilla" actually is someone

i know "解释等于掩饰, 掩饰等于没有出色!"but i'm still doing