Thursday, November 20, 2008

No mind..

The consequences of talking without mind, how would it be?
You might end up telling those things that you shouldn't tell.
And, I'm facing this kind of situation now, my mouth act faster than my mind!
Oh man. I told one of my colleague that I will resign next year January, and guess what is happening next?
My team-leader knew about it, and she is actually on maternal leave, and the funniest thing is even my manager also knew that I will resign! So, that is real fast.

But I got something don't really understand, when you knew someone will resign, will you still reallocate the staff and teach he or she something new? That's weird man, what is actually in her mind? I can't even say "NO" for that.

Aih....No more robotic job! Tomorrow onwards, I need to take out my brain from the fridge already.


Marccus said...

sometimes.. they will teach.
when they are short of manpower. keke

cklim said...

ya..denifitely diff between ur study and career life, anyway dun think bad, shoud be alright anyway..cheers

wen ni said...

or maybe they think you're good, so wanna to make you to stay. =)

Mun2 said...

No matter what, I have to face all these, b'coz I got no choice.
It's call "paksa rela"