Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When someone bully me, how should I react?
When someone ask me to switch to other job function, how i should answer?
When I can't finish my daily job task, how should I increase my speed?

I'm trap, man!!


marccus said...

u really need to defend urself lar sometime.
But switching job not mean bad also ma, u can always learn new things.

or if u ok, quit the job and find a better one.
Make the move girl! =)

Mun2 said...

how to defend if the one who bully u got higher authority?

ya, i know i can learn new things,actually i don't mind switching also, just that feel scared when i need to face new task later.

i cant quit now, coz the most i will only work until next year end of January. So no matter how i need to continue working in there for at least 83days! lol..

marccus said...

Then u've to become a miao that bite lion. MIAO!!~~

No need scare them one. keke

and u very strange one lar, challenge hiking u ok, takkan this one small challenge kenot gua?

永遇乐 said...

Agree with marccus ;p

Anyway, take it as a challenge as it is to help you

ツ cW ツ said...

one word 'determination'

Mun2 said...

yala, u all are right, i should become a "miao" & take that as a challenge.. then only my life will be more meaningful...

Cw, i like your word, "DETERMINATION"... it's so encouraging!

THANKs... alotzzz.MUACKSS..

Nicole said...

ahem ahem..

It was meant to be~ <3

*KA dush* kena slap

HEy, my job sucks too ok. Theres a joker who everyday scold me Orang Jahat!

so.. you are not alone.