Thursday, January 15, 2009

OMG!! I was on air!!

Out of a blue moon, this morning I received a call from"Are you mun mun?"
Me:"ya" " I'm ??? (i can't remember his name=p), I'm calling from"
Me: " Okay" " One of your friend wana wish you all the best for your fund-raising"
Me: "Okay" " Your friend's Tian Chad decicated a song to you--> Kanye West-stronger"
Me: " Huh, come again." "Kanye West-stronger"
Me: "Okay""Did you listen to"
" ya""Don't you wana say thank you?"
Me: "Okay, thank you. Actually I'm very blur now"" You just wake up is it?"
Me:" No, I'm in the office. " "Okay, bye"
Me:" Okay, thank you, bye bye"

Oh my God, the only word i know on that time was "okay"... My mind is totally malfunction=.=
According to one of my friend, marccus, who is so lucky, he was listen to on that exact time. He said both of us, sound blur blur semacam. lol


永遇乐 said...

Haha, we both are really blur

hata said...

Okay Okay Wookay !