Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How can i forget it again?

It is second time in this week.
It is so important to me, yet I still forget to bring it back.
What am I doing??!!
Really wonder how i drive my car back just
Without it, everything looks super "clear", even "clearer" when it is at night!

Seriously, I think I need to get spare one.=p


hata said...

always wear it

Mun2 said...

No no, i only need it when i'm driving. Some more wear it all the time, my eyes feel very tiring.

Marccus said...

hoiyo, buy a contact lens and stick on ur eye ball. secure liao. wakakayly

CK said...

i thought wat is it =p maybe my brain a bit contaminated, hehe.

Mun2 said...

Marccus, I tried to wear contact lens before, it makes my eyes even more tiring. My eyes can't breath la

lol..what else can it be? Of course is my spec lah. CK, it's time to decontaminate your brain already :)