Sunday, January 11, 2009

My style, my way.

smiling, chatting, crazy-ing around.
That's my style.
No matter who you are,
no matter how long i met you,
it makes no different.
That is the way I enjoy my life.


CK said...

RM800 more to go only =.= if you do 10 times newspaper collection also gao dim la =p haha. RM83 =p

Mun2 said... say until like that! You are like cursing me only.Means every time my newspaper collection will be also getting the same amount of "RM83"...T_T..

I guess no one can understand the exact meaning of this

CK said...

no one understand is ok =p at least i know u r still smart =)

Mun2 said...

Sweat =.=|||
"u r still smart"..seems like something hidden in this sentence.

marccus said...

aiyo, u think too much liao lar. too free liao is it? wakaka