Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it my fault?

It isn't the first time i have been through this kind of situation.
Is me that created all these happened.
I felt scared, unsecured, yet I still need to face them.
I am not suppose to act & think in that way!
But I can't help, I can't stop myself to do all that.
All my reactions are so spontaneous, that's how i protect myself.


cute marccus said...

u pms ar?

eat WPP (white phoenix pill)

cklim said...

huh, pms? pms also your fault..anyway, ask marccus gv some medication..dun worry

永遇乐 said...

You and Yeng2's post always tell us 10% of the full story only.

How to understand?

Maybe you are too spontaneous~

Mun2 said...

lol. of course not pms can marccus relate this post with pms? he really full of imagination.=.=|||

Sometime, there are certain thing that shouldn't tell

Anyway, i really need to say thanks to tian chad!! Thank you tian tian~~