Monday, May 25, 2009


Without an aim of life, we will feel panic? Lifeless ?
Why is that so?

I wonder what's in my mind now?
What's the thing that i need the most now?


cklim said...

no worry, eventually you will find out :-)

marccus said...

what lar you.. -_-||

thought you coming back from expedition will make your vision more clear.

or your soul ady some where not yet come back? XD

Mun2 said...

Marccus! I know what i want now, just that i don't know which is the best way...

p/s: i can confirm my soul ady back with me, for sure!!

marccus said...

Haha, then is Good! XD

There is no such thing call Best way lar.
sometimes you need to walk first before you know your exact destination.

Now you ady know what you want then go for it lar XD