Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We are born alone, we live alone, and we die alone.

Aloneness is our very nature, but we are not aware of it.
Because we are not aware of it, we remain strangers to ourselves, and instead of seeing our aloneness as a tremendous beauty and bliss, silence and peace, at-easeness with existence, we misunderstand it as loneliness.

Loneliness is a misunderstood aloneness.
Once you misunderstand your aloneness as loneliness, the whole context changes.

Aloneness has a beauty and grandeur, a positivity;
loneliness is poor, negative, dark, dismal.

Everybody is running away from loneliness.
It is like a wound; it hurts.
To escape from it, the only way is to be in a crowd, to become part of a society, to have friends, to create a family, to have husbands and wives, to have children.
In this crowd, the basic effort is that you will be able to forget your loneliness.
But nobody has ever succeeded in forgetting it. -osho-

Wow hoo.....I'm getting really excited! Flowing back to the aloneness... :)


Sarita said...

in fact, we are always alone. If we think we are not, that means we are actually lying to ourselves. Thanks for the post!!


marccus said...

hahah XD
good lar if u successful away from loniness and realise ur exist-ness in alone. XD
Big joy Big joy~~~