Monday, April 14, 2008

The Majority is always right!! Is that so??

When everyone around you act in a same way, and their way of acting are totally different from you (especially those abnormal acting), then these situations might happen on you..

1st stage
You might feel they are the one who is acting abnormally... So you will consider that they are insane!! And you won't bother them...

2nd stage
You will start to feel very empty(especially your heart), why is it everyone will act like that?? What actually happen on everyone??

3rd stage
You will start wondering, your mind will start asking question, i.e. "they are the one that abnormal or in fact, you are abnormal?" Cause based on the majority rule, people will consider the majority is always right. So in this situation, the minority that act normally can be said they are the "abnormal" one?? Is that true??

4th stage
After all, the tendency that you will act like them (the majority) is very high.... Mean that you will become one of the majority (the abnormal one), where by you will try to act exactly like them.

5th stage
As time goes by, you will lose yourself, you can't find your REAL self anymore. Cause now you can't even differentiate what is normal, and what is abnormal!! Poor thing~~This is what happen to us all the time.

In fact, it is very hard to fight with the majority, you will need extra great courage to move on, if you don't want to lose yourself in the future or even now.... =p

Too bad, now i am going thru the 3rd stage and almost come to the 4th stage!! I don't want to lose my real self ar!!!

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