Monday, June 1, 2009

I thought I could handle it..

I thought myself will get use to "how others LOOK at me".
But, I'm totally wrong!
I really cannot TAHAN!
I still feel very uncomfortable when others actually LOOK at me!

The incident was as below:
Lunch time,
after the food order, I chose one of the nice spot to sit down, which was facing the big TV.

Initially, I don't really notice it.
As time goes by, I found out something weird was happening.
The uncle (who was sitting opposite of my table) seems like looking towards myside.
At first, I really thought I am over-sensitive, but I am not!!
Cause even after my dad arrived and sat in front of me (which gave me a full blockage from the uncle and I did feel instant relief for a while), the uncle still continue!
How? He moved to the seat beside him, and continue "looking"!!!

Can you imagine that! For the whole lunch time, I have to eat in front of a super creepy uncle who was "observing" me as if I'm like an alien... And I have to pretend I didn't notice that!

Haih...actually I almost wanted to shout at him
"Hallo, 你睇够没啊?!" But I didn't....


cklim said...

wow, sounds like got secret admire there

Mun2 said...

Not secret admirer! Just a creepy uncle! I should have asked him to stop looking!

ツ cW ツ said...

too leng lui ma lolz~~~