Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't judge a book just by its cover!

Even though I am petite, I am fit!
Even though I look naive, it doesn't mean that I will be easily cheated by people!
Even though I look like I am always need help, usually I really don't!

I can't help it, usually people will have too many wrong perceptions on me... (showing
Too many people sayang or "sayang" me in this expedition. I'm loving it!!

p/s:In here, I really wanna say THANKS to those people that helped me in this 10 weeks expedition. MUACKSS!!! xxxxx


marccus said...

haha, hope u grow up more after the expedition XD

Mun2 said...

what do you mean grow up? I do grow lah, but just the tummy part.haha

Chong said...

including me??