Friday, September 19, 2008

Part-time "boyfriend" wanted!!

  • Human
  • Age: 10 to 99 years old
  • Height: doesn't matter
  • Must be logical-minded and also sentimental
  • The proper proportion should be 60 to 70% of logical and 30 to 40% of sentimental
  • If a girl with the above requirements are also encouraged to apply ^o*


cklim said...

walao, quite high requirements, ya..ur "boy friend" got pay or not punya..haha

Mun2 said...

wah, my requirements not really that high la, just average! By the way, i won't pay for my "boy friend"

yeekai said...

first time saw ur blog..
drop by here say hi :)

hua,u should list down a checklist let people to tick ma,c weather they can fullfill the "part time" requirement...
by the way,where is couter to get application form n referal voucher?
post up then i can refer u some candidate to :P

Mun2 said...

sorry yee kai, i'm "abit" lazy last month, that's why i didn't log on my blog, and left ur request "hanging" there for so long. I promise, i will be abit hardworking this month.

Anyway, ur idea of posting application form is not bad. Thanks for the suggestion!

But are u sure after i post up, u'll intro some for me? Or u can also send in an application, coz i notice u also fulfill some of the requirements. LOL.

Marccus said...

wakaka, yee kai, don't wait anymore!
It's your golden chance now! keke

Mun2 said...

it is not just a golden chance for yee kai, it is open to every one, as long as u fulfill the requirements.

cklim said...

haha, great, can I request your permission to republish this post at my blog as well as other friend blog, then we can help me to spread the news, and eventually u can get many potential candidates,

Mun2 said...

COOL ck, your suggestion also not bad! You can republish the post if u like it. Then I can save lots of time and energy. LOL..